So in the past few weeks, we've been trash talking PiD2 on Im not the least concerned about it, but I have proved my case on the site. We don't care. We still have fans.
    Recently, I've had help from MrM12LRV (Joey Fernau), and he's found sprites for enemies for PiD2. Special thanks to him, he'll get recognition in the credits of the game.
    In recent news, two new videos on YouTube have appeared of gameplay on Pathways. Here's links to the videos:
    Needless to say, we don't know why they're more dislikes than likes, so that said, Pathways is being pushed back more to do the following things:
  >Improve the engine
  >Improve gameplay
  >Better graphics
  >Improve enemy graphics
  >More weapons
  >Improve story

    It won't take long, but we do want fans to like, well love, the game. In the meantime, we're crunching to make the game work and meet the necessary requirements. We're also on and the Marathon Story Forum. See you next week.
    Ok, Recon-2 is really excited to say that we now have a online community, even though it is really small, it'll grow!!!
    Yay!! So everyone is excited about Pathways 2. Im excited, we're excited. Brians really excited to to see the Studio grow into an online hub community. 
    If you are interested, join the community.
    Recon-2 has a community called Recon Army. We talk about Bungie games and Recon-2 games. Join us!