Bungie's Destiny

So I kinda want to brag about Bungie's next great game, Destiny. Personally, I'm really excited about this game. There's a lot of potential building up behind it. I'm sure that a gamer like you has at least heard of it. If not, then i'll give you a brief summary.

Destiny is a upcoming shared-world first person shooter by the acclaimed developer, Bungie. It takes place years after "The Collapse", and tells of humanity's attempt of exploring the solar system once again. Humanity was driven back to Earth, with a huge object known as "the Traveler", protecting them. The Traveler sacrificed itself to save humanity, and then slowly built the Last City. The protectors of the city are known as "Guardians". You play as a Guardian, and you can explore the solar system, and help protect humanity from various races of aliens that occupies humanity's old worlds. The Fallen, Cabal, Hive, and Vex are among some enemies encountered in Destiny.

Destiny releases worldwide in 2014 on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

Now, to Recon-2 stuff

As you may know, we're working hard to develop Pathways Into Darkness 2. I'm glad of the support I've gotten over these tiring months. Without a select few individuals, I wouldn't be able to pull this off. Thanks to Brandon Reese and Craig Hardgrove for the music in the game, and thanks to my Facebook community for the feedback and moral support.

If all goes as planned, I'm hoping to finish the game by the end of the month, and get ready for release. I'm going to upload Pathways 2 on 4shared.com, for reasons. I can't upload the game to our site because weebly only allows so much space, and Pathways is 250mb's in size, and will possibly grow due to included files. But, the download link will be legitimate. It's been a long year and a half, and I hope you guys love the game I struggled to create.

Cipher is coming together. I've posted a topic on GameMaker Community talking about the story, and they loved it. I've also posted the story on our website, which is further down. Cipher's got a long way to go.

Phoenix is also being thought out. I'm not gonna release any details now, but I will shed light on the old Phoenix that was being developed by Bungie.
Phoenix was kinda like Minecraft in terms of rendering. You could, as Jason Jones of Bungie stated, "Build castles, and knock holes in them, then dudes would come out." Not much information was released about it.

This past week has seen some pretty good production on Pathways. I give this week '2 thumbs up.'

Well, that just about wraps this week up. If the community is good to me, i'll have a little gift for you next week. I may showcase a gameplay video for Pathways Into Darkness 2. Y'all be good to me!

Peace out!
So schools about to be out. Got a few days left. Recon-2 is about to crunch like never before. We have all summer to get Pathways finished. And polished. And legitiment. Yea, legit.
We're ready for the trials ahead. We have Brandon Reese working on the soundtrack, as well as Craig Hardgrove. The main theme for Pathways is "Destruction of Reach" by Daniel Ciurlizza. It's on Youtube. Look it up, it's pretty cool. Well probably be finished at the end of July. We're looking forward to it. Bungie is too.
Be sure to follow our Facebook page. We update you with more information about the game and other events. Keyword is "Recon-2 Softworks". See you soon!
    So in the past few weeks, we've been trash talking PiD2 on Bungie.net. Im not the least concerned about it, but I have proved my case on the site. We don't care. We still have fans.
    Recently, I've had help from MrM12LRV (Joey Fernau), and he's found sprites for enemies for PiD2. Special thanks to him, he'll get recognition in the credits of the game.
    In recent news, two new videos on YouTube have appeared of gameplay on Pathways. Here's links to the videos:
    Needless to say, we don't know why they're more dislikes than likes, so that said, Pathways is being pushed back more to do the following things:
  >Improve the engine
  >Improve gameplay
  >Better graphics
  >Improve enemy graphics
  >More weapons
  >Improve story

    It won't take long, but we do want fans to like, well love, the game. In the meantime, we're crunching to make the game work and meet the necessary requirements. We're also on Bungie.net and the Marathon Story Forum. See you next week.
It's Sexy and You Know It!!! Yea, real talk. As you seen on our FaceBook page, Project Orion is now known as Pathways Into Darkness 2 (But stylized as Pathways Into Darkness II). It's pretty much coming together; many builds have been ran and played and we've loved playing it so far. Yes, it's totally awesome. You can go to our FaceBook pages to view the playable builds, even the trailer. The Game comes with two playable games within the game itself, The main campaign and Pathways Zombies.
It's totally awesome, too. Nuff said. We won't be releases much info about Zombies as we are currently focused on the main campaign at this moment. Info about Zombies will probably be released next month.
Overall, yea.
    Everyone at Recon-2 is super super super super super excited about this game. For one, it'll be the first action game released by Recon-2. Two, it'll be talk about probably. We are trying to intergrate online multiplayer into the game, which we really want. Help us by going to the forums on YoYo Games Dot Com and type in Recon 2 to find us. Anything else? No, then i'll see ya tomorrow with another Recon-2 update. Over and out