It's Sexy and You Know It!!! Yea, real talk. As you seen on our FaceBook page, Project Orion is now known as Pathways Into Darkness 2 (But stylized as Pathways Into Darkness II). It's pretty much coming together; many builds have been ran and played and we've loved playing it so far. Yes, it's totally awesome. You can go to our FaceBook pages to view the playable builds, even the trailer. The Game comes with two playable games within the game itself, The main campaign and Pathways Zombies.
It's totally awesome, too. Nuff said. We won't be releases much info about Zombies as we are currently focused on the main campaign at this moment. Info about Zombies will probably be released next month.
Overall, yea.
    Everyone at Recon-2 is super super super super super excited about this game. For one, it'll be the first action game released by Recon-2. Two, it'll be talk about probably. We are trying to intergrate online multiplayer into the game, which we really want. Help us by going to the forums on YoYo Games Dot Com and type in Recon 2 to find us. Anything else? No, then i'll see ya tomorrow with another Recon-2 update. Over and out