So, like it. I hope so, because we put forth a lot of effort in creating the new look. You may notice a lot of changes in Recon-2. For one, our new name is Recon-2 Softworks. We changed our logo and everything( Recon-2 Studios is the design team, Recon-2 Softworks is the publishing name). We have revived a lot of our projects, including Marathon: Tau Ceti and a new project called Gnop! 4. We have purchased GameMaker 8.0 PRO!!! We can now make FPS games and include online multiplayer in our games. 2012 has done Recon-2 good, and we're only 2 days in. What a great start. And with these starts, we can guarantee great products to come. Stay tuned to these posting to get information on upcoming products.

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