Welcome to Recon-2's newly redesigned website! More importantly, thanks for reading our first weekly update. We're going to get in the habit of posting on a weekly basis, so that you can read up on what everything we're doing.

But you kinda guessed what we are doing, right?

You should know that we are developing Pathways Into Darkness 2. After an ugly virus devasted this computer, I lost hope on ever getting that game made. Good thing I cooked that virus, now i'm back on track to developing this project.

Needless to say, I am happy happy happy (Phil Robertson quote).

Aside from Pathways 2, we're planning a new game called Cipher, as well as the newly announced game, Phoenix.
We're hoping that these projects take off, and unlike Pathways, I'm putting a price tag on these 2 new IPs. Both games are planned to be released on multiple platforms. More on that in the coming months.

Pathways 2 will be released in the 20th anniversary window of Pathways Into Darkness.

I guess this wraps up week one (lame, right?). See you next week up Update #2


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