The Fourth of July Edition

Recon-2's taking break today, other than making this quick weekly update post, we'll talk about some stuff and about this great nations birthday.

First things first. On July 4th of 1776, a bunch of great leaders signed our Declaration of Independence. They didn't only sign the document, they gave birth to this great nation full of creativity. Because of them, we have our freedom to do the things we love, and at Recon-2, we love making video games. God Bless this great nation.

Other than that, a lot has happened this past week. For one, I cracked my wrist falling off an ATV going 20 miles per hour. So, as you may imagine, I'm in pain. I got to wear a cast to speed the healing process. I'm making Pathways Into Darkness 2, with my left hand! And I'm proud to say I got things done.

I guess I'll wrap things up for this week. I will leave a little gift though. Here's a neat Cipher Wallpaper!
I'll be back next week with update #3!!

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